Explore all the delicate flavours in your brew.

What you will need:

  • — Hario V6 brewer (2cup)
  • — Hario V60 filters
  • — 400ml heatproof decanter
  • — Scales
  • — Gooseneck kettle
  • — Freshly ground coffee
  • — Filtered water
  • — Spoon

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How to brew with Pour over

Perfect for the home barista obsessed with control in their coffee making. Probably the best filter method if you want to explore the more delicate flavours, as it produces complex flavours and a clean finish. Fresh ground coffee is a must!

1. Fold down the edge of the paper filter and place it into the brewer.

2. Saturate it with fresh boiled water to preheat the vessel and remove any paper taste. Discard the water and place server and V60 on a set of scales and tare.

3. Grind 24g of coffee on a medium grind and place it into the filter. Tare off.

4. Saturate the coffee in one smooth motion as quickly as possible. Start your timer and add 72g of water heated to 98c.

5. Lift and stir in any dry clumps gently with the spoon, then allow the coffee to bloom and release gases for 45 seconds.

6. At 45s, continue pouring water in a clockwise circular motion working from the centre to the outer edge of the filter and back to the centre until you reach 400g. End your pour on the outer edge of the vessel to push down any coffee sticking to the sides.

7. Spin the coffee one revolution with a spoon to create a gentle spin to keep the grinds from sticking to the filter sides and slowing the extraction.

8. Once the water level has dropped a little, perform the Rao Roll.*

9. The drips should finish at 3-4 min and you can pour the coffee into your mug.

Tip: *Technique named after Scott Rao where you pick up the brewer with your forefinger and thumbs after you have added all water and gently “roll” the brew to promote a flat bed and even extraction.

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