Italian-style brewer that will deliver rich and full-flavoured coffee.

What you will need:

  • — Stovetop brewer
  • — Finely ground coffee
  • — Filtered water

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How to brew with Stovetop

Stovetops are traditional and simple home brewers. The first design called the 'Moka' pot was invented by Luigi De Ponti in 1933. Boiling water pressurized by steam passes through ground coffee and creates a rich and full flavoured style coffee. Perfect if you enjoy coffee with milk.

1. Twist apart your stovetop and remove the filter basket.

2. Add freshly ground coffee to the basket, enough to slightly overfill. The grind needs to be a notch coarser than espresso grind.

3. Tap the filter on the bench once or twice to collapse and settle the grinds and remove any air pockets.

4. With a butter knife or flat object, scrape the basket to level off the coffee.

5. Fill your stovetop with cold filtered water to just under the overpressure valve. Add the filter and screw the top on.

6. Turn heat source on to high.

7. Pressure will push the water up through the coffee into the top chamber when water boils.

8. Keep the lid open so you are able to see when the first bubbles of coffee start coming through.

9. When you see the first bubble, take the stovetop off the heat.

10. Enjoy the Italian style espresso!

Tip: Many people around the world still use a 40+ year old stovetop. It's a quality built brewer with replaceable parts, making it a worthy investment.

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