Lion's Mane: Boost your brain with the wonder mushroom

“The fog has cleared from my brain after just 2 weeks.” “I’ve been taking Lion’s Mane with my morning coffee and have started noticing overall body energy, vitality and focus increase.” “I am not so scattered anymore.” What are all these people talking about? They’re describing experiencing the health benefits of nootropic medicinal mushroom Lion’s Mane that has long been used in traditional Chinese or Japanese medicine and is now entering a new realm – coffee shops.

Mixing the mushroom extract powder into your drink or food helps your body resist stressors, boosts your brain function and immune system. It’s often called “neuron food” as research has shown that it boosts the nerve growth factor (NGF), having the ability to alleviate the symptoms of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s or dementia.

We love to explore the world of herbs and spices that are good for your health, so we’re excited to be adding a new signature drink to our elixir menu – Lion’s Mane Booster.

Shroom shots on the daily menu 

Lion’s Mane Booster is perfect for humid Queensland summer that, let’s be honest, can put a strain on our brains and slow down our usual performance. It’s a smooth and creamy oat milk based drink served on ice infused with cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla. With one shot of the wonder mushroom, you’re all set for a productive day.

We’ve developed this drink with collaboration with our friend, Naturopath and Ayurvedic practitioner Wayne Celeban from Yukti Botanicals.

“This drink is is based on a blend of herbs we prepared using traditional Ayurvedic methods to enhance their therapeutic properties. Cinnamon is a useful digestive aid that helps with circulation and regulates blood sugar levels. Vanilla has been traditionally used to soothe the digestive system and calm the mind.”

Wayne Celeban

You can also just add a ‘shroom shot’ to your regular order. Mushroom extracts aren’t temperature sensitive. This means you can add it to hot or cold drinks without worrying about the temperature affecting the integrity of the nutrients. Are you asking yourself how would a shroom shot go with your flat white? No need to worry, we’ve tested it and it tasted just fine. Some people even did the cupping and swore they picked up notes of “honey comb, burnt butter and dry wood chips”.
Lion's Mane Booster Clandestino Coffee
Remember better, age slower, supercharge your brain 

The Lion’s Mane is known by many names: Yamabushitake, Hedgehog Mushroom, Monkey’s mushroom, Bear’s Head or Old Man’s Beard. The amazing fungus that literally looks like a mane of a lion grows on decaying coniferous trees and is found mostly in Asian continents.

We’re using Lion’s Mane extract powder by Superfeast, family owned business run by passionate tonic herbalists based in the Byron Shire. They grow the mushrooms on 10 year old sustainably-harvested oak tree wood chips in pairs. Why? To mimic how the Lion’s Mane grows in couples in the wild.

It’s one of their favourite products because of its ability to upgrade your brain’s machinery. As they say: “It’s such a potent brain and nervous system support. It encourages next level cognitive function but is also the ultimate digestive tonic. ”

They advise to start with a smaller dose first (1/2 a tea spoon*) and gradually build it up, as the health benefits accumulate over time.
* if you have any health concerns of are pregnant, consult a healthcare provider first.

Now available at our cafe.
Photos by Nathan Tribble

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