New Coffee: Guji Sakaro from Ethiopia

Coffee is Ethiopia’s gift to the world and we couldn’t agree more. Still full of impressions from our recent origin trip there last year, we’re excited to share our newest Ethiopian coffee with you.

Only recently have Guji coffees been distinguished from neighbouring Sidamo and Yirgacheffe producing areas. With thousands of small farms, rich culture of coffee-growing and incredibly fruity coffees, it was about time.

Guji Sakaro will make your taste buds do a little dance.
Coffee trees in Guji EthiopiaPerfect conditions for unique flavour profiles

The Guji zone has steep mountainous terrain with elevation between 1,400-2,200m that receives ample rainfall. Combined with the diversity of rich soils, this creates perfect conditions for producing an array of coffees known for top quality and unique flavour profiles. There are between 6,000 and 10,000 different varietals.

Whenever we see that a coffee is from Guji, we think “juicy”. Guji Sakaro is a well-balanced coffee that has a sweet cup (think orange sherbet and peach) with delicate floral notes and nutty undertones. If you’re a filter coffee drinker, you will really like this one! This fine washed African coffee tastes great without milk because of its light body and almost no bitterness.Positive change for small growers in Ethiopia

Historically, Ethiopia’s small producers have not been able to enjoy a direct relationship with the buyers. This lack of transparency left most farmers with no incentive or know how to develop their crop, despite having the world’s most diverse and distinct coffee. They faced a lot of hurdles from strict oversight, too many intermediaries and very low prices for the value of their crops.

Luckily, the recent changes in regulations have finally opened doors for more opportunities. We’re stoked to become part of the positive change where we can contribute to transparency, traceability and sustainability in the supply chain.

When small growers are treated fairly, when we form long-lasting relationships, the growers can do what they love – grow coffee. It’s a win-win.
Jaxon Taylor  origin trip to GujiClandestino Coffee supports the Lalisaa project

If a coffee shows up on our shelves, it needs to tick all the boxes: extraordinary product, meaningful partnerships and traceable impact on the farmer’s livelihoods.

Lalisaa means “flourishing”  which is a great name for a partnership that helps coffee communities thrive. With Lalisaa Project, Sucafina supports the producers through committing to buying the upcoming crop above the national prices set in the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange. For a farmer, this brings much relief from the stress and uncertainty.

Sucafina also provides agronomy training and helps organize farmers into groups to wean them off the need of intermediaries so they can deliver directly to the collection stations.  

We know that Girma Eshetu gets the extra support and training he needs which will help him produce a delicate coffee like Guji Sakaro, year after year for you to enjoy.

Guji Sakaro is an incredibly complex Ethiopian coffee.

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