Did you know our roastery is powered by 100kW solar system?

Our main values - environmental, ethical, sustainable - are guiding us every step of the business and we’re strong advocates for solar.

Our solar system installed in 2016 is one of the largest in the Noosa area and is powering our operations in the roastery and cafe with clean and renewable energy.
This step allowed us to reduce our impact by 121 tonnes of CO2 per year, and we’re not stopping our efforts here. To ensure maximum energy efficiency, the solar system was installed in conjunction with an LED lighting upgrade and power factor correction technology.
 We're giving our panels a regular clean to keep their efficiency up to the maximum. 

This is how it looks from a bird's eye view: 
Clandestino Coffee solar system Noosa
Clandestino Coffee solar system NoosaLearn more about our environmental practices

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