The story behind our takeway cups

Our 'Artful Cups' series brings imagination and spirit of free thinking to your daily brew. These compostable take away cups are inspired by great artists who challenged the status quo. Can you guess who? 

4oz cup
The Emoji cup is inspired by the recent emoji culture with a little wink to the cheekiness of Keith Haring. 

6oz cup
"Ce n'est pas une tasse" (This is not a cup)
 is inspired by René Magritte's famous painting of a pipe named The Treachery of Images (This is Not a Pipe) from 1929. 

8oz cup
The Literal 8oz Cup is inspired by the type based artwork of great artists Barbara Kruger and Jenny Holzer.

12oz cup

A Cup within a Cup builds on M.C. Escher's mind-boggling impossible drawings that explore infinity, reflection, symmetry and perspective.

16oz cup

Our biggest cup is a reaction to conceptual artist John Baldessari's work from 1971 "I Will Not Make Any More Boring Art". Because if you like a 16oz coffee, you want to make sure it's a good one!

The Aqueous cup by Biopak is the next generation of environmentally friendly take away cups made with water-based polyethylene (PE) lining instead of plastic. 

Currently, Aqueous contains a small trace of plastic (3%) but is on track to become 100% plastic free and home compostable in the near future, which will allow for the cup to be fully recycled with paper waste.

Take us for a walk and join us on a mission to keep take away cups away from our nature and filling up landfills.

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