Why are Ayurvedic teas so good for you?

We look for the best in our coffee -  flavour, quality, traceability and organic ingredients. It only made sense to search for a tea range sharing the same values. And we've found it - Yukti's herbal teas draw from the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda and support you in feeling your best.   

In Sanskrit, Ayurveda means “the knowledge of life”. This practice of medicine originated in India over 3500 years ago and believes in the healing intelligence found in nature - in fruits, roots, herbs, flowers or trees.  Unlike modern science that focusses on treating a specific disease, it is a holistic form of health practices that honours the mind, body, and the senses.  

The Yukti tea range consists of seven blends made from certified organic ingredients that have been formulated by Ayurvedic practitioners to bring the healing essence of nature into your tea ritual. 

 While traditional teas are focused more on flavour, Yukti teas are formulated with the desired experience in mind and encourage you to listen to what it is you need in the moment. 

Whether you are feeling anxious, irritated or just flat, if you need an immune boost, or a little more clarity, digestive support or simply an uplifting accompaniment to celebrating life - choose a blend that suits you best.  

Each of the seven teas offers support in harmonising mind, body and spirit and helps you find your center (and feel your best). 

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