Tricolate Brewer


Even extraction and consistent brew with Tricolate

If you're obsessed with the perfect extraction, Tricolate is the newest filter brewer that introduces a number of clever innovations to help you reach it.

The unique shower head disperses water evenly, at the same height and with a constant flow rate compared to hand pouring from a kettle. This way, all coffee grounds get wet in just seconds. It's no small brewer (it’s bulkier than Aeropress), but this is for a good reason. The 80mm wide flat brew bed increases surface area, allowing more even water to coffee contact. 

The result is higher and even extraction, which gives you coffee with greater balance, sweetness and clarity.

Comes with 100pk paper filters and a black travel case.

Why you’ll love brewing with Tricolate:

1. Even extraction & no water bypass while brewing

2. Higher extraction yields

3. Even distribution of water across coffee with a shower screen

4. All-in-one brewer (no need for a goose neck kettle)

How to Brew (1 cup recipe)

Use 15g of coffee to 270ml of boiling water 

  1. Place the Tricolate paper filter into the brewer and saturate it with boiled water.
  2. Pour 15g of freshly ground coffee (medium grind) in the brewer. Make sure the coffee bed is flat.
  3. Place the shower cap on the brewer and pour 45g of boiled water (95℃) and gently swirl the brewer. Allow to bloom for 2 minutes. 
  4. Pour the remaining water (225g) in the brewer and swirl again.
  5. Your total brew should be between 6 - 8 minutes. 

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- Diswasher friendly
- No BPA or BPS
- Easy to use
- Made in Australia