Handy Brew Tea & Coffee Maker


Making your own home brew just got a whole lot easier. Meet the handy brew.

Handy Brew defines Steep and Release brewing whilst it helps prepare your love coffee and tea easily and effortlessly. Use HandyBrew to capture your love loose tea and coffee in the chamber. Once your brew time has been achieved, simply place your Handy Brew over your favourite cup and watch the patented one-way valve work its magic.

We use Handy Brews in our cafes religiously for take away tea to ensure tea is extracted to the highest of quality.


STEP 1: Pour in ground coffee or tea leaves.
STEP 2: Add hot water.
STEP 3: Wait for it to brew.
STEP 4: Place over cup and wait for it to decant into glass.
STEP 5: Enjoy!