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Roasted in sunny Noosaville, made with love and imagination. That's Clandestino Coffee that has been supplying great coffee to the Coast for over a decade.

Our journey started back in 2011 when we opened our doors inside Belmondos Organic Market in Noosa. The same year, we started roasting our house blend Magneto and then slowly added a rotating selection of single origins from the best producers around the world. 

Ten years ago, specialty coffee was a new concept for the Sunshine Coasters, so opening the first brew bar showcasing filter coffee methods and introducing new flavours was both a challenge and fun. It feels like a good time to reflect on what we've learnt along the way.

We build partnerships towards positive changeAricha washing station by William Forsman

Flavour is important, but there’s much more to coffee for us. We recognise that quality and tasting notes are important when sourcing the best coffee for our customers. For many years now, we’ve been striving to select our coffees also based on the inspiring stories of hard-working growers behind it. We want to see our partners happy and thriving long-term, and are committed to sustainable and socially responsible sourcing and paying a fair price. For example, there will always be coffees from our neighbours in East Timor or Papua New Guinea on our menu because they’re close to our heritage and hearts.

Organic does not have to come with a stampJaxon Taylor of Clandestino Coffee in Aricha washing station in Ethiopia

Over the years, we’ve learnt that certified organic coffee grown on plantations is yield oriented, not so much quality oriented. That’s why we focus on buying from farms around the world located at high altitudes. With outstanding tasting profiles and far from any infrastructure, the coffee is technically 100% organic as it’s spray and pesticides free - as the farmers simply don’t have access to them. Oftentimes, their operation is too small to be able to afford the official certification so join us in supporting them. 

Exploring the world allowed us to buy directlyOrigin trip to Ethiopia, Clandestino CoffeeClandestino Coffee x Trabocca origin trip 2019

The travel to origins feels like a distant memory at the moment and we’re hoping the borders will open soon. We’ve seen firsthand that you’ve got to see the culture of the farm for yourself to be sure you’re working with a place that’s ethical, treats the workers right and gives back to the community. It’s also fulfilling to chat to the farmers about their life and future plans of improving the quality of their coffee. Our goal of 2020 was to visit and meet all producers behind the coffees we use in our house blend Magneto. Happy to say that we got there!

There's no right or wrong method to brew your coffee
Ethiopian coffee ceremony by William Forsman

We love a good pour over we can tinker with. But we also know there’s some magic in watching the first bubbles come up in your beloved stovetop too. No matter what is your favourite brewing gear, we want your coffee to taste great. That’s why while roasting, we’re striving to nail the perfect sweet spot in the bean which releases its unique flavours locked inside, so that they will shine in your cup through any brewing method.

Our whole team would like to thank you for sharing this journey with us, and for loving coffee as much as we do. We promise to continue searching for the best coffee there is, to educate ourselves and contribute positively to the coffee industry.

Happy brewing coffee drinkers, and here's to the next 10!

Jaxon Taylor, 

Founder of Clandestino Coffee


Images: Barbora Tomikova, William Forsman

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