Welcome Highland Coffee

You might have noticed that we recently changed the name of our quintessential coffee Purosa Estate to Highland Coffee. If Purosa was your favourite, no need to worry. ​​Highland Coffee is still the bold cup with a rich palate from Papua New Guinea.

We’ve done this to reflect the fact that we broadened the estate proximity to a regional proximity. We have found some amazing coffees with similar or better flavour profiles grown by small farmers in the surrounding Highlands. 

 We've introduced a new name to reflect the region we're sourcing from directly and give credit to the farmers who live and grow coffee on the steep mountains of the Highlands.  Here at Clandestino, Papua New Guinea is an origin close to our hearts, not only geographically. Coffee from the Highlands region has been the backbone of our house blend Magneto since 2011 and we are in love with its notes of nuts, milk chocolate and dry fruits.

We're looking forward to resume our origin trips and travel to Papua New Guinea to source our new coffees directly.
Highland Coffee was born out of our long standing partnership with a family company based in Jiwaka Province who have been working with farmers and processing their coffee in PNG since 1984 so they know the people, the history and the culture inside out.

They operate a dry mill, sun drying fields and a sampling centre and also take care of the export side of things. This means that we get our hands on the fresh harvest that lands in Brisbane in a matter of hours after it leaves the country.  
In 2015, they built a nursery on site with the goal to donate 100,000 coffee seedlings to local schools and community for free as a part of their groundbreaking project “Growing Futures”. Together with the seedlings, the prospective farmers get educated on how to take care of the coffee trees and are better equipped to maintain a lasting source of income for the future. 

The partnership ticks all the boxes for us: fair price for farmers, consistent quality in the cup and bringing positive change to the community.

We’re looking forward to continuing having this delicious coffee on our menu, year after year. 

 Highland Coffee is a blend of the best coffee from the mountains of Papua New Guinea  with notes of rich dark chocolate and toasted walnuts.

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