How to make cold brew at home

Making delicious iced coffee from a homemade cold brew concentrate is easier than you think. It will get you through those hot summer days!


100g coarsely ground coffee (start with our Magneto Organic Blend
500g cold filtered water

You’ll need:

8 cup coffee plunger (aka French Press). You can use any size, just make sure you keep the coffee to water ratio the same (1:5)


400g cold brew concentrate
Dillute with 600g filtered water

We're stoked our home-made cold brew got published in the Cook Noosa alongside some pretty delicious recipes collected from local cafes and eateries in our home town. 


  • Pour ground coffee into the plunger.
  • Add cold filtered water and stir well with a spoon (make sure to stir in any dry clumps so all grounds are wet).
  • Place the lid on top but do not plunge. If space in your fridge will be an issue, cover it with tinfoil or a beeswax cloth. 
  • Place the plunger in the fridge and allow to steep for 12 -14 hours.
  • Your coffee concentrate is ready for plunging. 
  • Slowly plunge to separate the coffee grinds. Decant the concentrate into a 1 litre bottle or jar.
  • Dilute the coffee concentrate to a 1:1.5 ratio by adding filtered water. 
  • Serve black over ice, alternatively add a dash of milk or a slice of lime. 

Extra Tip: If you don’t have a plunger, you can also use a mason jar with secured cheese cloth on top for filtering the coffee grounds. If you store your concentrate in a fridge, you'll have coffee for days.

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