Magneto Organic Blend

Rich Cocoa, Dried Berries, Nuts


For feeling good, have a cup of Magneto every day. It's our first born and it's had the most attention. Made of ethically sourced coffees from Papua New Guinea, South America and Africa. Now we’re talking.

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Brews Calling

Ratio: 1:2
Dose*: 20 - 22g
Yield: 40 - 44g
Time: 28 - 32s

*If your basket size differs from our recommendations, please use the ratio to work out your custom recipe & play around with your grind setting to achieve a steady pour time.

Bourbon, Typica, Cattura, Catuai
Regional organic farmers
Papua New Guinea, South America, Africa




Roast Degree





Mountain range in mist Papua New Guinea

"Mags on!"

The blend takes its name from our founder’s dad's adventures as a pilot on clandestine flights in Papua New Guinea back in the days. Tasting the country’s bold cup, he introduced new flavours to his sons back in Noosa. They loved it so much that it became the base of Clandestino’s first house blend. In aviation, magnetos supply power to the spark plugs in the cylinders. “Mags on!” we say before firing up the engine. We still have a plane hanging in our cafe as a tribute to our founding story.

Macair plane Papua New Guinea
Squeezing lime into PNG coffee

Papua New Guinea coffee is typically very bold and body driven with minimal acidity. Locals drink it black (as milk isn’t always available) and squeeze a few drops of fresh lime juice to balance out the mouthfeel.

The smooth, full body of Magneto comes from Papua New Guinea’s coffee that we blended with acidity driven Central American and African beans to balance out the mouthfeel. It’s the pick for all creatures of habit - we promise you won’t ever get tired of drinking this all-rounder.