Villa Betulia

Raspberry, Passion Fruit, Sugarcane, Dates, Citrus

Our premium range of single origins Cup of Gold brings you coffees that are so incredibly complex, they are close to mind-bending.

Next one up is Luis Aníbal Calderón's Villa Betulia, a triumph of persistence and passion in coffee production. Sip on this unique washed microlot from Colombia composed entirely of the pink bourbon varietal and combining two methods - washed process & extended fermentation.

Filter drinkers will stop in their tracks to enjoy the incredible complexity & perfect balance in this cup. But Villa Betulia also makes for a banging espresso! If you liked our fruit bomb Las Delicias, this one is even better.
Pink Bourbon
Luis Aníbal Calderón
Acevedo, Huila
Anaerobic Washed




Roast Degree





A master of processing methods for high-end microlots

Finca Villa Betulia is a farm located by the town of Acevado in the Huila province. It has belonged to the Calderón family for over 60 years. Its location allows daytime temperatures below average which cause beans to ripe slowly offering a coffee with a fruity taste and a sweeter cup. In 2011, Luis faced the possibility of losing his farm to foreclosure. His main source of income then was selling coffee on the C-market, where the prices barely covered production costs and loan repayments for the land purchased to expand his farm. In search of a solution, Luis turned to his local Specialty Coffee Association.

Villa Betulia is a model farm for growing exotic varieties in Huila

The SCA offered to pay 15% above the rate. While it did not truly compensate for all the extra efforts, it provided enough for Luis to keep at it and explore producing specialty grade coffee. Motivated, Luis planted 5,000 Gesha trees in 2012. After a long three-year wait for the trees to fruit, in 2015 he set out on a mission to convert his entire farm to exotic coffee varieties. His journey, from near foreclosure to a beacon of exotic coffee varieties, is a testament to his commitment to quality and innovation in coffee.

Luis runs his farm with his wife and three children. The most exciting thing about their approach is that they focus on the cultivation of exotic coffee varieties, including Red Gesha, Sidra, Wush Wush, Maragogype and Chilli Bourbon... and even a new unknown cultivar he named Ethiopian Heirloom or “Ombligon”. The complex nature of this coffee comes from the combination of 2 processing methods that created a true flavour bomb!

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