AeroPress Go Travel Coffee Press


Perfect for camping or traveling. Even more compact.

AeroPress has everything you need to produce a great brew. AeroPress Go is even smaller and comes with its own 15oz (444ml) mug with a lid that serves as a container for all the parts so you never lose them.

Aeropress Brew Guide


Smooth - Using the ideal water temperature and gentle air pressure, brewing yields rich flavour with lower acidity and without bitterness.

Rich - Total immersion brewing results in uniform extraction of the ultimate in full coffee flavour. 

Pure - Micro filtered for grit free coffee, unlike other press-type coffee makers. 

Fast - About two minutes from start to enjoy your coffee. 

Brewing capacity: 8oz (237ml) of coffee

Only 1 piece in stock!

What you'll find inside:

FIlter cap
Foldable stirrer
Flat filter holder (carries 20 filters)
350 paper filters
Mug with lid