Finca San Antonio

Blackberry, Hazelnut Chocolate, Grilled Peach, Spiced Honey


After having a great honey processed Costa Rican on the coffee menu, we were on the hunt for something similar but with its own unique flavour stamp! Carlos Pola's Finca San Antonio is bursting with fruity notes of blackberries & peach that blend into sweet notes of hazelnut choc with a spiced finish. Carlos is one of the producers in El Salvador who have been experimenting with honey processed coffees. Definitely worth trying for yourself!

Brews Calling

Ratio: 1:2 
Dose*: 22g
Yield: 44-46g
Time: 28-32s

*If your basket size differs from our recommendations, please use the ratio to work out your custom recipe & play around with your grind setting to achieve a steady pour time.

Carlos Pola
El Salvador
Apaneca Ilamatepec Mountains
Honey processed




Roast Degree





Finca El Salvador Carlos Pola farm

His three farms – San Antonio, Las Brisas, and San Roque – are situated near the town of Juayúa in the Apanaeca Ilamatepeq mountain range, a rich coffee growing landscape with its own microclimate that creates this coffee's unique flavour characteristics.

We know we’re on the same page when we talk about the importance of transparency with Carlos, who champions traceability through a digital application he developed, providing a way to trace his coffee from farm to cup, all managed from his phone.

We’re proud to enter a direct trade relationship with Carlos. His boundless energy lays the foundations to build upon better practices for workers and sustainable methods in coffee production.

Carlos (on the left) applies his textile industry experience in quality control, efficiency and data management to coffee production. After purchasing the land, he renovated the farm to focus on sustainable and cost-effective production & reduced the need for chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

Planted in double rows and straight contour lines, the crops are shaded by trees that fix nitrogen in the soil while protecting nearly 100% of the rainfall. Carlos also successfully implemented permaculture practices, propagating mycorrhizae – a fungi that forms a symbiotic relationship with plants to exchange nutrients. The result is a smart agricultural ecosystem that’s sustainable and self-sufficient.

Carlos only uses honey, natural and controlled fermentation processes to reduce Finca La Brisa's water consumption. The farm has its own lab for experimenting with new processing methods, quality control and educating farm workers in specialty coffee.

Finca San Antonio is honey processed, using a method in which fresh coffee cherries are de-pulped, but allowed to dry without washing with some fruit left on the cherry.

Cherries are placed in clean sacks and rest under shade in 19C to 22C for a total fermentation time of 48 to 72 hours. After being pulped, they and laid on African raised beds to dry for 17 to 20 days.

“We discovered that this specific process helps us enhance the structure and profile of this coffee. It adds more intensity without losing finesse and cleanliness,” Carlos adds.