Hario V60 Glass Dripper 2 Cup Olive Wood


The Olive wood glass dripper is the top of the line when it comes to the Hario V60 range.

Pour Over is the most appreciated brewing method by coffee connoisseurs for you can take it to perfection. It's quick, clean, easy and multiple cups can be produced in one brew. This 02 size dripper yields 1-4 cups. 

The Hario Glass Dripper features 60 degree angled design and spiral-ribbed walls to help discourage an airtight seal, which can slow down and jeopardize brewing. 

To achieve the best flavour, wet the paper filter first, add the coffee grounds (medium grind) and pour in a circular motion, over the freshly ground coffee.  A gooseneck kettle is recommended for accuracy and control.

Dimensions: (W) 145 x (D) 120 x (H) 90mm


  • Direct brewing into server
  • Maximum heat retention
  • Measuring spoon included
  • Lightweight
  • Heatproof